Medicare Facility in Brooklyn

Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care is a professional medical clinic that provides primary care. Our services extend to residents living around Flatbush, Remsen Village, and Brooklyn, NY.

Medicare Facility Brooklyn

Urgent Medical Care

Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care is the place to go for all your immediate medical needs.

We follow strict and professional specifications while attending to your health concerns. We are careful to understand your medical case, diagnose any symptoms or health issues and provide you with quality care to help you recover.

Following strict and professional medical guidelines



At Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care our doctors also provide routine physicals to ensure that you are perfectly healthy. We welcome employers, educational institutions and individuals to our clinic for regular checkups. Rest assured that our facilities are fully equipped with the necessary facilities and our team has the expertise to assess your health conditions and prescribe treatments accordingly.

Our facilities are fully equipped


Why Choose Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care?

  • Expert medical care
  • No need for appointments!
  • Highly qualified physicians
  • In-office and at hospital service

For more information about our medicare facilities,

9613 Flatlands Ave Brooklyn 11236 - 718-927-1355