Primary Care in Brooklyn

Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care provides primary and urgent care to patients at affordable prices. We are based in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Primary Care Brooklyn

Urgent Care

Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care is the name to remember for all your emergency health care needs. Rest assured that we have all the necessary medical equipment and knowledge to handle your medical case.

Our physicians are not only experts in what they do, but will make sure that you are attended to right away! We help make your recovery quick and efficient.

We have all the necessary medical equipment


Highly Qualified Physicians

The doctors at Flatlands Medical – Urgent Care have extensive experience, practice, and training diagnosing health conditions, treating physical symptoms and prescribing medications. You can rely on them to attend to both adults and children for any type of medical concern.

Contact us to discuss your needs. Your health is our priority!

Extensive experience, practice and training


What sets us apart?

  • Warm and relaxed setting
  • Professional and reliable doctors
  • Quality medical care services
  • No appointments required

For more information about our primary care services

9613 Flatlands Ave Brooklyn 11236 - 718-927-1355